Begining the 2018-2019 School Year


POSITION:  Math Teacher

LOCATION: West Valley Junior High 7/8

QUALIFICATIONS:  All qualifications are required unless otherwise indicated.


  1. Valid Washington State Teacher’s certificate. Major/minor in math and middle level or secondary endorsement in math required. 
  2. Evidence of successful basic education mathematics teaching experience within the last 3 years.
  3. Evidence of successful use or working knowledge of graphing calculators and other technological devices to enhance student learning.
  4. Evidence of motivating and instructing students of all ability levels in areas of secondary math.
  5. Evidence of providing for student individual learning styles (basic levels and extension beyond basics).
  6. Evidence of maintaining a positive, productive learning climate within the classroom as well as with parents and colleagues.
  7. Dynamic, student involving, hand-on instruction style.
  8. Willingness to serve as an Advisor or Personal Adult Advocate for students.
  9. Demonstrated history of attendance and participation in district-sponsored staff development activities.
  10. Willingness to assist with co-curricular events and/or activities.
  1. Valid Washington State Teacher’s certificate with major/minor in math or middle level endorsement in math required.
  2. Experience teaching secondary math.
  3. Demonstrated competencies in inquiry-based instructional techniques.
  4. Evidence of interactive, investigative problem solving, researched based instructional methods.
  5. Ability and willingness to incorporate work-based reading and writing skills within the curriculum. (Technical reading and writing)
  6. Evidence of training and experience utilizing computer technologies for classroom management and student instruction.
  7. Evidence of frequent incorporation of writing within the content area in daily classroom instruction.
  8. Evidence of maintaining a positive, productive learning climate within the classroom as well as with parents and colleagues.
  9. Evidence of awareness and implementation of the current changes affecting education particularly the relationship of reading and writing within the content area to performance expectation standards.
  10. Bilingual Preferred

  Job Description: 

  1. Teach 7/8 coursework related to area as assigned by administration.
  2. Prepare for classes assigned and show written evidence of preparation upon      request.
  3. Make a commitment of time and energy required to teach all students, regardless of learning style or learning limitations.
  4. Create a safe and positive learning environment for all students.
  5. Adhere to all West Valley School District and West Valley Junior High policies and expectations for staff and students.
  6. Actively engage students in the learning process.
  7. Incorporate technology into the instructional process, including, but not limited to video, Power Point, multi-media.
  8. Develop reading/writing relevance for all students (real-life applications).
  9. Be a team player by establishing and maintaining cooperative professional relationships with others.
  10.  Establish and maintain open lines of communication with students, parents, and colleagues.
  11. Be innovative and committed to the challenge of change in education.
  12. Be committed to success for all students.
  13. Participate in workshops and training sessions that support building and district programs.
  14. Implement the requirements of I.D.E.A., Section 504, and A.D.A. in the education of students with disabilities.